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Apr 16, 2014

i cannot remember when i fell for him 

i cannot remember the first time i stalked him on Facebook or the time i saw this photo of him and cried because i thought he was so beautiful

i dont know why he decided to offer me a shoulder to sleep on or why we allowed us to go deeper 

or why he allowed himself to open up to me 

but i know why i don’t regret any of it- the good times AND the bad. the bad fucking times when we fight and i feel as if i’m going through all the pain and he just has to watch 

i fell running away from him today and boy, it stings. but while he was dressing my wound no part of me hurt more than my heart because he kept ignoring me and i hated being ignored. he probably just wanted a reaction and i knew that but i couldn’t bring myself not to give him one.

i wish that he would become more of the man i need him to be and i pray to dear God that He will  transform han keong because a thousand bucks says i can’t no matter how many chances i give him. 

i love han keong…i’ve never loved this much. so much i literally would rather die than to have to go through the torture of being without han keong. 

i remember how it was without han keong….but i don’t regret anything i don’t regret being with him and i hope he never stops trying because i’m never going to stop trying

its like the song goes!
i wont give up on us even if the skies get rough, im giving you all my love, im still looking up 


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